Associate Professor Mary Theophilus is a specialist colorectal and general surgeon who is dedicated to the east metropolitan health region in WA. Having obtained her primary medical degree in Edinburgh, UK, and trained in surgery in the UK and Australia, she has set up practice in Perth, working across both in tertiary and secondary settings, both in the public and private sector.

Mary has had numerous leadership roles including her current portfolio as the Head of Department of Surgery and Specialties at St. John of God Midland Public and Private hospital. As the inceptional lead she has set up the department from scratch and allowed it to grow strategically to be a highly functional and respected unit amongst the local community and among its peers, much sought after for training and teaching opportunities amongst the medical youth.

In addition she has led many College and Training Board committees and initiatives both at State and National level. She is the immediate Past Chair of the WA Royal Australasian College of Surgeons, the Chair of the WA Training Committee for General Surgery and sits on the corresponding National Board. She has previously been the State Collaborative Lead for Colorectal Cancer and retains numerous appointments to Advisory Committees at State and National level.

Mary is a passionate teacher and speaker who believes in authentic leadership and team building strategies to keep a happy and productive workplace that excels in collaboration and problem solving.

In her spare time Mary has been known to moonlight at her community radio station presenting world music to the listeners of Perth. Occasionally she gardens and bakes but mostly checks out the dining scene in Perth and hangs out with her dog and husbands.