The Australian Doctors Business Academy (ADBA), reserves the right to accept or reject any application for registration at its absolute and unfettered discretion with the return of any deposit paid.

  • All registration fees for our events are GST inclusive.
  • Payment Terms – registration payment in full.
  • A Tax Invoice will be sent.
  • Full terms and conditions as stated below.

To Confirm Registration

Should you wish to confirm registration, please complete the online Registration Form on our website or event registration portal as advised during promotion of an event. On receipt of the full payment, a registration confirmation letter will be sent to your nominated email address. All tax invoice/payment receipts for registration made to the Australian Doctors Business Academy are tax deductible and GST inclusive.

Cancellation Policy

  • Once a Registration Form has been received, any cancellation of registration must be advised in writing to the organisers (ADBA)

Registration and Delegate Rules

  • The Faculty of ADBA shall determine the hours during which the activities will be conducted and as to hours of access for members including variations of such times as shall be necessary.
  • Excessive noise, disrespect to other members that inconveniences other members and/or formal activities will not be allowed.
  • The Faculty will be the judges as to whether there is an annoyance.
  • The delegate will acknowledge that the Faculty, ADBA and the Venue Provider (for ADBA badged events) will not be responsible for any loss or damage to the members’ property and that all member material and equipment is the sole responsibility of the member.

Liability / Insurance

  • In the event of industrial disruptions or natural disasters, the ADBA and the Faculty, cannot accept responsibility for any financial or other losses incurred by the members.
  • The ADBA and the Faculty take no responsibility for injury or damage to persons or property occurring during any of ADBA badged events and activities. All insurance, including medical cover, or expenses incurred in the event of the cancellation of any ADBA events and activities is the individual member’s responsibility.
  • Attendees to ADBA events and activities are encouraged to choose a travel insurance policy that includes loss of fees/deposits through cancellation of your participation in ADBA events and activities or through the cancellation of ADBA badged event itself, loss of airfares for any reason, medical expenses, loss or damage to personal property, additional expenses and repatriation should travel arrangements have to be altered.
  • The ADBA and the Faculty will take no responsibility for any participant or member failing to insure.
  • The delegate is responsible for all personal injury, damage to property or other losses, liabilities or claims arising in connection with the member’s participation at ADBA badged events and activities.
  • The delegate will indemnify the ADBA and relevant event organisers in respect of any losses, liabilities or claims in respect thereof.
  • The delegate agrees to participate at its own risk and to take out adequate insurance in respect of all such losses, liabilities and claims.
  • The ADBA, event venues and the Faculty will take all reasonable precautions, to ensure the building where events are taking place is secure.
  • To assist us, all persons attending ADBA badged events must wear the official ADBA name badge (if relevant and applicable) at all times.

Exceptional Circumstances

  • The Faculty of the ADBA reserves the right to change any relevant aspects of the membership package if exceptional circumstances demand
  • The Faculty of the ADBA will use reasonable endeavours to remedy the impact of exceptional circumstances on our members.


The Ausjeeva Pty Ltd T/A as Australian Doctors Business Academy (ADBA) is an Organisation – ABN – 57 617 044 630 and ACN 617 044 630.

Thank you for choosing to register for events with the to the Australian Doctors Business Academy (ADBA)  ABN – 57 617 044 630 (“We”, “Us”) Please ensure that you complete all details carefully, including the amount you are paying to Us. Upon receipt of your payment, we will issue a receipt. The receipt is issued automatically through our online payment platforms. And/or manual electronic receipts are only issued on the occasion of technical difficulties with online automatic payment receipts.

Event Payments

If you would like to register and make a payment for an event, we will ask you to sign an online registration form. You maybe able to make payments by direct bank transfer/direct deposit at the discretion of the ADBA.

If you are making a payment through your bank account or credit card, please ensure that your credit card details are up to date.

If you wish to cancel, defer or alter a Credit Card payment that has already been made (such as a chargeback), we would encourage you to please notify us in writing or by email at [email protected] at least 30 days before the event day.

All transactions will be processed in Australian Dollars.

Online donations are made through our Stripe Payment Platform E-Commerce system. It is a secured internet-based solution to collect and manage donations and we do not retain any payment information.

Errors in Amount Paid

If you have made an error in the amount of your payment, please contact us as soon as possible. You have 10 days in which to notify Us that an error has been made.

Duplicate Payments

If you have made a duplicate payment in error, please contact us as soon as possible. You have 10 days in which to notify Us that a duplication error has been made.


Due to the nature of event payments, refunds are given at the discretion of the management. Therefore, please ensure that the amount you enter is the amount you wish to pay.
We do not normally give refunds if you change your mind. We are under no obligation to provide a refund if the error is made on your part.
A refund maybe only considered by the Faculty of ADBA, and only under exceptional circumstances as below:

  • Payment made in error
  • Made in a materially incorrect amount; and/or
  • Not authorised by the delegate

We may deduct bank or transaction charges in refunding payments arising from your error.
Under the above exceptional circumstances, if a payment is refunded, the associated payment receipt is no longer valid and it should be destroyed immediately. We are under obligations to advise the ATO should we suspect fraudulent tax deductible claims after a refund has been processed.

Refund requests

All requests for refunds must be made in writing and forwarded by email to [email protected]

Your refund request should include details of the payment including:

  • Your name or the name of the delegate
  • Contact details of the delegate – phone, email, address
  • The date the payment was made
  • The amount paid
  • The receipt number
  • The nature of the error
  • Any other relevant information

Should the refund be approved, any receipt issued for the donation immediately becomes invalid. We will issue a new receipt where applicable.

Event tickets

Once the transaction has taken place refunds are given at the discretion ADBA.

Refunds are given at the discretion of ADBA providing the tickets are returned to us in a resaleable condition asper this refund policy of the associated event.

Full refund minus admin processing fees (5%) will be provided until 90 days prior to the event and upon receipt of the refund request at least 90 calendar days prior to the event.

Partial refund of 75% of total registration fees minus admin processing fees (5%) – net 70% refund will be provided until 60 days prior to the event and upon receipt of the refund request at least 60 calendar days prior to the event.

Partial refund of 50% of total registration fees minus admin processing fees (5%) – net 45% refund will be provided until 30 days prior to the event and upon receipt of the refund request at least 30 calendar days prior to the event.

No refund will apply if request for refund is made within 30 days of the event and the refund request is made within 30 calendar days prior to event.

Exceptional circumstances may apply and a proportion of registration dollar value maybe refunded at the discretion of the ADBA if the delegate advises within 30 days in advance of the event that they cannot attend due to major illness or misadventure and/or as dictated by the refund policy of the associated event. However, the ADBA reserves the final decision at its discretion.

Errors by Us

Should we make an error in processing a payment, We will make a full refund as soon as possible when notification of the error is received by Us or We become aware of the error.


We are committed to protecting the privacy of the information held about its supporters and donors. Our Privacy Policy is available at

Disputes, Complaints and further information

All disputes must first be raised with the ADBA in writing by email to [email protected] prior to attempts at contacting banking authority for any credit card chargebacks. Any delegates requesting chargeback without going through due process with the ADBA, we are required to pursue legally any chargeback related penalties that we incur due to no fault of ours.

If you have concerns about how we refund payments or would like to make a complaint, please contact us at [email protected].

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is not included in our pricing.

ADBA recommends that you have appropriate individual travel insurance for international study tours.

Updated June 2023