Director – Microsoft Technology Center, Microsoft Corporation India

With a career spanning more than 25 years, Sandeep is a true technologist driven by a deep passion for technology. As the Technology Leader at Microsoft, he spearheads the ‘Microsoft Technology Center,’ an Experience Center dedicated to empowering customers on their digital transformation journey.

With a passion for all things tech, Sandeep has earned his reputation as a fervent evangelist, particularly drawn to technologies that profoundly shape human lives. A true thought leader and a trusted adviser, Sandeep’s meticulous approach to implementation sets him apart. He envisions ‘Innovation Culture’ as the driving force behind the next technological leap, recognizing its potential to revolutionize industries. He believes ‘Generative AI’ will usher Human-Computer Interaction into a new era of transformative experiences.

Sandeep holds a Bachelor’s degree in ‘Mechanical Engineering’ from RVCE, a Postgraduate degree in ‘Data Science and AI’ from the Indian School of Business, and is presently engaged in the pursuit of a ‘Chief Technology Officer Programme’ from the University of Cambridge.

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